Phantom Ranch Hike 2015

June 17th 2015 I hiked down to the Phantom Ranch on the Kaibab Trail from the south rim in the Grand Canyon National Park. I spent the night in the dorm at Phantom Ranch by the Colorado River and Hiked back out on the Bright Angel Trail. To view some of the pictures that I took while on my hike use the menu above to select device that you are viewing this page with. Because it was so hot at the bottom of the canyon, 109 degrees high for the day, I started my hike out at 2 am to beat the heat and because of that, there are not a lot of pictures from the hike out. The pictures are all in chronological order as I made my way through the trip.  Other that the heat, it was a fantastic journey...

Just a little information about the trails. The South Kaibab Trail head at the rim starts out at 7,260 feet and descends to 2,400 feet at Phantom Ranch and is about 7 miles long with a decent of 4,860 feet. Bright Angel Trail from the south rim to Phantom Ranch is 9.5 miles long. Starting at the Phantom Ranch you are at 2,400 feet and at the rim the trail head is at 6,860 feet, or you can say there is an elevation change of 4,460 feet.

Here is a basic map of the trails.

Map of South Kiabab and Bright Angel trails to Phantom Ranch

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